5 Things To Do as a Freelancer

Improving work performance is an important thing for freelancing to do. As a freelancer who work not in the same way as employees who have been contracted for a long time or even permanently, they must have their own ways on how to improve the quality of the skills they have, and how to obtain job opportunities.

Freelancer workers must be able to undergo things that are usually not experienced by full-time workers. There are many shortcoming experiences by freelancers, but there are benefits to be gained so that there are currently many employees who already work in the company have side jobs by becoming a freelancer in accordance with the skills they have.

There are some things you should know and pay attention to in facing challenges faced by freelancers and this can help you continue to grow even though you are not given facilities from any company because surely freelancers will only do work that has been planned for a short time.

5 thing to do as a freelancer

1) Prepare yourself

– Read books and articles, this sounds normal but this is a very important issue even though many people have abandoned the habit of reading books and replacing them with gadgets but books are a window into the world that is often referred to by motivators and proverbs. You make sure you have to know what skills and fields you are following. Reading any book can help you increase knowledge, especially reading books related to your field. And read articles on several trusted online platforms such as articles on the Proffhub article site, many weekly articles that discuss freelance and other industries.

– Do not be lazy to learn something new, it is very important for you to know skills in other fields, do not be forced but continue to learn new things and be sensitive to development so that you can be more developed

2) Love your Job

Love the job and skills that you have lived or if not, you must find out the skills and jobs that you like. Remember, something when done with work and basically you’ll love it. Work will give good results and no doubt you will develop quickly. The key is enthusiasm and continued learning, do not easily feel satisfied, but appreciation for your achievements you have done for your work, so it wont feel difficult.

3) Be Active in communities 

– Follow social communities, languages, or other skills. This will add connections that you can share and gain experience from various fields if the community you join is a social community that consists of various professions. if you join a foreign language community, the benefit is that you can learn a new language and can be used as your new skill as a professional translator or transcriber.

– Follow the monthly event, this monthly event you can check on an online platform that provides a collection of events in the field of personal development or areas that are appropriate to your skills, besides gaining new knowledge you will definitely get connections to interact with new people.

These communities and events are places to adaptation with people you don’t know and they might be able to add to your connections about freelancing because of events and communities related to academics and skills followed by people who have a good connection.

4). Maximize your profile exposure on all online platform

Important suggestions for you to complete your biodata on the following important platforms:

1) Linkedin

2) Jobstreet

3) Jobsdb


You will continue to update what jobs you can send, and there is a possibility that you will be sought by the company if your profile is complete and you will fill it with the experience that is outstanding according to the skills you have.

5). Professional Freelance

If you are a professional freelance, especially in Digital Marketing, Market Research, Accounting and Tax, IT

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