Escape from air pollution

Proffhub air pollution
Proffhub air pollution

Home sweet home… After spending hours going through the air pollution on the street, we have all deserved a nice smell and fresh air at home, aren’t we?

Air freshener is popularly used to create a nice smell in the room with lavender and clean/fresh are the most popular fragrances.  Consumers claim a nice smell could lift the mood and get relaxed.  They also claim that having air fresheners at home could boost confidence when visitors coming over during special moments or occasions.   Lavender and clean/fresh are the most popular fragrances.

There are many formats of air freshener available in the market:

  • Spray/aerosol air freshener. The most favorite in-home air freshener in Indonesia as it is easy to use, simply push the spray to refresh a room’s air.
  • Gel air freshener. This format is growing faster than the other formats. Consumers usually use this format inside the wardrobe and in the bathroom. Some others hang it in air conditioners to freshen room air.
  • Electric air freshener. A more practical format of air fresheners as it can automatically refresh air constantly with a timer. Due to the pricing, electric air freshener is penetrating well only in big cities.
  • Candles and sticks. These air fresheners are offering aromatherapy effects for relaxing benefits. Many small players produce these formats in either branded or unbranded. 
  • Liquid air freshener/oils. This format was recently becoming a choice among the upper-class health-concern segment as it offers multi-benefit not only as an air freshener but also as aromatherapy and air purifier. A diffuser is needed to use this format.   
  • Car air freshener. Available in many kinds of formats, ranging from liquid to gel. The liquid format that is clamped to the car’s air conditioner is the most popular format in Indonesia.

The big players in the air freshener market are Glade and Bayfresh (produced by SCJohnson) and Stella (produced by Godrej).

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